Schoolgirls Love Tentacles Game Rules - English

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles

Official Game Rules

In Schoolgirls Love Tentacles, you play a tentacle creature trying to make friends in school. You will try to figure out what your classmates like and then try to make as many of them happy by giving your tentacles to them
  • Give each player a set of 4 tentacles, one of each color.
  • Shuffle the girl cards and deal a hand of 3 girl cards to each player.
  • Deal a number of girl cards face down in a square grid on the playing surface. This grid is referred to as the class and each position in that grid is a seat. Seats with cards in them are filled seats. Seats without a card in them are empty seats.
  • Set aside any remaining girl cards in a face-down deck. This deck is filled with ‘transfer students’ who will be added to the class later in the game.
For most games we recommend the size of the class be either 8x3 or 6x4, but you can adjust the size to better suit your preferences, available playing space, and the number of players.
Each player will take turns, during their turn a player may use their tentacles to perform a variety of actions. Each tentacle can perform one action per turn. When a player has used all their tentacles or no longer wishes to perform any more actions, play proceeds to the left with the next player’s turn.
Each tentacle you possess can perform one action per turn. You may choose from the following actions:
  • Peek at any 2 face-down girls and return them to their previous seats, you do not need to reveal any of these to your opponents.
  • Swap a girl in your hand for a face-down girl in the class.
  • Swap the seats of any two girls in the class.
  • Offer the tentacle to a girl in class, this action will ultimately discard your tentacle permanently, so be very careful about when and where you offer your tentacle to a girl.
When you offer your tentacle to a girl, your goal is to find a chain of girls in adjacent seats who all like the color of tentacle you are using to score.

First select a girl in the class and turn them face-up, revealing them to all players. If that girl likes the tentacle you are currently using to score she will share it with an adjacent girl, you may select an adjacent seat (one that shares an edge with the girl who just scored) and reveal that girl as well.

Repeat this process until you reveal a girl who does not like the tentacle you are using to score. Once this occurs your tentacle has been refused and your scoring chain is over.

At any point during an offer action you may score girls from your hand who like the tentacle being offered. Add these girls to the collection of girls being revealed by this action. (Keep in mind Wild girls can score from a player's hand; they can only score while in the class)

Add up the kisses from each girl collected and combine them with your total kisses. These girls leave the class; refill any empty seats with face-down girls from the transfer student deck.
Finally, discard the tentacle you offered. You will not have that tentacle again for the rest of the game, so be careful before you offer your tentacle.
Ending the Game
The game ends when all players have discarded all their tentacle cards, no more girls remain in the class or transfer student deck, or players feel their are no remaining girls in class that they can score. Once this occurs the player who has the most kisses is the winner.

Edge Cases and FAQ

Face-up Girl Cards
Girl cards that are revealed during a scoring action, but not scored, remain face-up to all players. Face-up girls are affected by actions normally and remain face-up until they leave the class.
Players with No Tentacles
Players who have discarded all their tentacles can not perform any actions and their turns are skipped. They must wait until the game ends to see if they earned more total kisses than their opponents.
Players with No Cards in Their Hand
Players who have no cards remaining in their hand can not perform any actions involving their hand; namely swapping girls in the class with girls in their hand and scoring girls from their hand.
The Last Player Remaining
When only one player remains in the game with tentacles, they may reveal all girls in class and may perform as many swap actions as they wish without needing to use their tentacles. They may perform any remaining offer actions they wish to using their remaining tentacles. After they have offered all of the remaining tentacles they wish to offer, the game is over.